How to Apply for Online Loans Without Any Problem

Gandalf is a financial institution that is capable of giving quick loans with the best facility in the world. In addition, he has been in the financial market for almost 3 decades not only in Spain but also at European level. In addition, the entity is supervised by the national bank of Spain, so it has a great support. Through Gandalf you can get a large amount of money and you can do it for your different projects, since Gandalf adapts the amount of money to the budget you need, so that you do not have to pay for more than what you need .

All your projects are already a reality with the Gandalf credits . Gandalf loans are adapted to your financial needs, so you can use your money whenever and wherever you want.

Thanks to the quality of the professionals Gandalf has, you can request all kinds of credits in the fastest way you can imagine and also without having to move from your home, since everything is done through your computer. In case you do not want to use the computer, you can also do it by means of a quick phone call. Through the Gandalf microcredits, you can get financing that can be taken by anyone and also have comfortable deadlines to pay.

Advantages of choosing Gandalf

Today you can find countless companies that offer personal loans, but Gandalf differs from all of them due to its multiple advantages:

  • Gandalf is a company that has 29 years of experience in the field of loans and personal loans in Spain, so you can rest assured that it is a safe and reliable company.
  • More than 1200 employees are trained to make your loan experience very simple, easy and effective.
  • Today, it has more than 2.5 million satisfied customers with its services.
  • It has a mobile application so you can calculate everything from the palm of your hand.

Through Gandalf you can get quick credits without having to make long lines in the bank and without having to go from one place to another doing different paperwork, since in a matter of minutes, you will be able to know if you were a suitable client to be able to access a Gandalf credit.

One of the advantages of the entity, is that you have a lot of possibilities in regard to different types of credits, since you can get specialized credits for the concession of a car or a motorcycle, or simply to go on vacation with the family.

Through Gandalf , you can get the best options in terms of returning payments, since it can be done month by month in a very comfortable way. In addition you can choose up to 90 months to return the credit to the entity or in case it is a small amount – less than 10,000 euros – you can get back the credit up to 60 months.

Apart from the credit and only for the fact of hiring, the entity has life insurance for people who become clients of the entity. The insurance covers contingencies of any kind in the event that in the future you can not take care of the cats that causes a loan. To contract this insurance, you do not need any medical examination and you do not need to pay more, since the cost of this insurance is included in the monthly cost.

The main characteristics of Gandalf

The loans and personal loans of Gandalf have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other credit companies, and that will facilitate the entire credit application process:

  • The whole process is totally online, so you can easily and comfortably do it from wherever you are.
  • You will receive an immediate response once your request is finished.
  • You will never be obliged to change banks or contract any other type of service in Gandalf so that your application is approved.
  • You will have a long term of repayment of your loan, which goes up to 96 months.
  • Gandalf has Tinkerbell, an online platform where you can check your movements and transactions.
  • Gandalf is a responsible company that has an excellent working group.

Gandalf’s interest rates

Gandalf’s interest rates vary depending on the amount requested, the type of credit and the term to be returned, but these will always range between TIN: 6.95% APR: 7.18% and TIN: 13.99% APR: 14, 92%

With the help of simulators, you can easily find the personal credit that best suits your needs and possibilities.

Types of loans in Gandalf

What can not be denied is that each situation is different, and the needs and requirements of each person to fulfill their purposes must vary depending on their characteristics.

Thinking about this Gandalf developed different lines of personal loans , each with specific advantages for the type of financing you need:

Gandalf car loan

If you want to get a microcredit to change your car, Gandalf gives you one of the best options in the market for this purpose, since it allows you enough money to be able to get any kind of credit. In addition, the interest rate offered by the entity is one of the best, as well as the amortization period of the same.

You can get your credit and you can finance it for up to 96 months in case you ask for more than 10,000 euros to do it. In case the amount of this amount is lower, then the amount of time is only 60 months.

The time it will take to have the microcredit from Gandalf in your account is 48 hours and without leaving your home.

Loans for the motorcycle in Gandalf

If what we are looking for is to get a motorcycle and not a car. Gandalf also contemplates the way you can do it without any problem and from home.

When choosing a credit with Gandalf, the only problem you will have is which motorcycle you want to buy, since Gandalf takes care of everything.

In order to acquire a credit for your Gandalf motorcycle , you do not have to change banks at any time and you can count on a credit that gives you the option to pay up to 96 months. In addition, you can have the credit in your bank account in less than 48 hours without any problem requesting it through your online portal.

The maximum duration of motorcycle credits

96 months to return the credit to the entity in comfortable installments if the amount is greater than 10,000 euros.
60 months to return the loan if the amount is less than 10,000 euros.
To be able to request this motorcycle credit you must have some requirements that we will give you later.

Loan Reform and home Gandalf

In life everything evolves, and as the family grows, or the needs of our home increase, it is essential that we seek to make reforms or changes to our home. With this type of loan, you can request up to 50,000 Euros for any reform you seek to do in your home. You may need an extra room for the little one on the way, or add a studio where you can work quietly.

If what you need is to change the furniture in your home, add a new kitchen, change windows and doors, or any other change that has to do with home renovations, no doubt this type of loan will benefit you.

Do not hesitate to apply for a Sansa and Brann loan to provide your family or yourself with the space they need for their convenience.

Finance all your works with Gandalf

Among the main reform options for which the credit institution is

  • Arrangements
  • Air conditioning, Roof, Home automation, Electricity, Stairs, Windows, Insulation, Wallpaper / paint, Plumbing, Flooring, Alarm system
  • Internal fixes
  • Library, Dispatch, Boiler, Heating, Fireplace, Kitchen fitting, Kitchenette, Shower / bath, Washbasin / taps, Furniture, Spa / sauna / jacuzzi
  • External fixes
  • Enlargement, Double window, Facade, Garden, Luminaires, Pool, Portal / Motorized door, Terrace / balcony, Roof, Solarium

Reunification of debt with Gandalf

Many times we find ourselves in situations where we simply get out of hand all the credits and debts that we have pending. Today it can be very overwhelming and tedious to make different payments to different entities, and we just end up spending more money and time, running the risk and forgetting to make some of the payments.

Thinking of your comfort, in Gandalf you can choose the option to reunify your debt into one that allows you to pay a single monthly fee. In this way, you will be able to face your financial responsibilities in the most comfortable and flexible way, choosing yourself the amount to be paid each month and the time in which you will make the total repayment of the debt.

If you find yourself in this situation do not hesitate to request this service offered by Gandalf.

Travel and leisure credits Gandalf

Thanks to Gandalf credits, you can now enjoy the trip you always wanted to do. The entity gives you more than 10,000 euros so you can enjoy an incredible trip, but also gives you the option of having less amount – if what you want is a more modest trip – and finish paying it in much less time.

If the amount you are going to enjoy is 10,000 euros or more, you have a term of up to 90 months to return the credit to the entity.

loans and credits Gandalf Studies

There is no better investment for our future than what we do in our education. A quality education, whether university or graduate as a master’s or doctorate, not only will make us a person with many more skills and knowledge, but also will allow us to access higher and better positions of work, and with this we will also achieve a better income and job and economic stability for ourselves and our family.

You can use the Gandalf studies credit to finance any course or registration, as well as to cover the costs derived from this as accommodation, material or displacement. You can also finance the education of your loved ones, like your children or any other relative.

You will see that applying for this loan will bring great benefits professionally and personally.

Gandalf health loans

Unfortunately, today we are all exposed to suffer some medical problem that unbalances us economically.

It is true that medical and hospital fees go up every day, and few people have access to health insurance that covers all hospital bills. If this is your situation, and you find yourself in a difficult medical situation, you will be able to cope with the Gandalf health loan, since you will have up to 50,000 euros to pay back as best you can, even in a period of 96 months.

In this way you can always take care of the health of those who matter most, without having the heavy burden of hospital expenses that we could not cover in any other way. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to apply for this loan.

Loans for Celebrations

But not all loans should be simply to meet needs or face unexpected events. With the Gandalf Celebrations loan you can cover the expenses derived from those moments of happiness and happiness that brings us life, such as weddings, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, baptisms, communions, or any other event in which you want to share with your loved ones.

This type of celebrations occur rarely in life, so it is essential that we celebrate in large, and with the personal loan celebrations of Gandalf, you can make the party you have always dreamed of, returning the money little by little and so that do not affect your personal economy at all.

Loans and credits for other Gandalf projects

If your personal project does not fit into the descriptions that we present, be assured that there are still financing options for you. You may want to buy the equipment you need to work, or you want to start your own business, whatever your need you will surely find the solution and support your projects with the personal loans that Gandalf offers.

Simply go to the website and use the simulator to start calculating your loan, and you will find the best way to make your projects come true without them unbalancing you financially.

What documentation should you have ready in Gandalf

• Photocopy of the DNI or Resident Card in force of all the participants.
• Photocopy of a direct debit receipt in your name
• Photocopy of the first page of the bank’s book.

Proof of income of the owner and co-owner, if applicable:

If you work as an employee, photocopy of the last 2 payrolls
If it is autonomous, photocopy of the last IRPF plus photocopy of the last 2 quarters
If you are retired or pensioner, the pension revaluation document

What requirements you must meet to access a loan with Gandalf

• Being over 18 years
• Be a resident in Spain
• Have a proof of income

How loans and loans are contracted or requested in Gandalf online

In order to obtain a Gandalf credit , you must fill out the form that appears on the main page . In such a way that it can be verified by the company all especially the issues of credit bureau and monthly earnings.

You can choose between the different installments that best suit your needs and those of your family and then continue with the completion of the credit information.

Before you start sending the data, you must have all the documents scanned so you can send them all at once. In case you do not have a payroll, the best thing you can do is get your proof of income and send all the documentation to Gandalf as clear and clear as possible.

Remember to check the data of your email and your contact telephone, since they are the means by which the entity will contact you and if they are not correct you can never accept the credit.

When you have filled in all the data correctly, the answer will be made almost automatically by the entity, since they have a system that allows you to contact the entity at any time of the day or night at any time of the year.

The entity will send you an email to tell you that your request is authorized or not. In case that it is, you should only download the contract that they send you in PDF and sign it, returning it to the properly signed entity.

If you have doubts, in the contract will come all the steps to follow one by one.

How to return credits and loans from Gandalf in advance

Gandalf personal loans can be returned by making a transfer or deposit to the Santandar or Bankia accounts indicated on the official website of Gandalf . These payments must be made before the day specified in the direct debit of the receipts.

It is very important that whenever you make this type of payment you include in the transfer concept your full name and ID, in this way you can identify and validate the payment. Once you have done it, in less than 48 hours you will receive a confirmation SMS that will confirm your payment correctly.

Extensions and postponements in Gandalf

An effective way to change the payment date or request a deferment for a few days, is requesting the change of direct debit of the payment for any of the 5, 10, or 15 days of each month. In this way, you can manage your payments as best suits you as your income goes flowing.

If this is not enough, you can call the customer service number to request special advice that allows you to postpone your payment or change the scheme. Be assured that the team of specialists from Gandalf will offer you a solution to your current financial problems.

Gandalf reviews

Gandalf is a company that has more than 2.5 million satisfied customers with their personal financing products, and day by day more people join this family that have managed to fulfill their projects, goals and personal and professional goals with the different options of personal loans and financing offered by Gandalf.

Without a doubt, you will find an excellent service option that will allow you to carry out everything you dream of. Do not hesitate to check it for yourself and request a personal loan with them.


Gandalf is a company with international prestige that offers different schemes of personal loans and financing for each one of the needs of the people who request it.

From loans to buy a car to those to travel, you will find in Gandalf a safe, reliable and effective option that will give you advantages and personalized benefits to have with you everything you need when carrying out your projects.

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